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Neuro Surgery

As of today, Neurosurgery is in a stage of rapid development and discovery. It is an exciting field of constant technological and methodical advances that make possible to correct problems that, a scant few decades ago, would have been considered untreatable. Operations might be used to alleviate preexisting neurological disorders - corpus callosotomies, for example, involve cutting the corpus callosum to reduce the severity of fits in an epileptic patient. Other procedures are used to remove dangerous growths; such is the goal of cerebral aneurysm repairs and craniotomies. More drastic operations include anterior temporal lobectomies, which excise the entire anterior portion of the temporal lobe in order to address extremely severe cases of epilepsy or other disorders that respond poorly to medication.

Our Neurosurgery department offers the following services.
  • Craniotomy
  • Detection and removal of Tumors
  • Laminectomy
  • Cervical Discetomy
  • Thoracic Discetomy
  • Lumar Discetomy
  • Shunts
Neuro Surgery